I help you talk to YOUR people... visually!

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Growth Scalers

Brand identity and website

Do you identify with any of these?

Then it’s time to create one! A well defined visual identity helps people see you as a professional, memorable and trustworthy brand.

I’m not only talking about a logo and some colors. Together we can create visuals that communicate a coherent feeling and message across all media.

If you’re attracting the wrong people, then your communication is probably off. I can help you adapt your brand’s visuals with your ideal client in mind.

No worries, I got you covered! Besides logo, brand identity and website design, I can also help you with more day-to-day design tasks, like social media content, infographics or even lead magnets, like ebooks.

This way you can use that time to work on your business strategy, or even just relax!

Good job, you are leading many visitors to your website! But the website itself may need some improving.

Lucky that you found me! I can help you create an awesome experience for your website visitors. They will be thrilled!

Maybe you have some other challenge that I didn’t mention. Your business is special and unique, so let’s figure out a solution tailored just for you.

Sofia understood perfectly what I wanted to communicate to my public with my brand. She promptly accepted the challenge and lived up to my expectations. I recommend her work!
Daniela Marques
Founder - Verde Menta Interiores

My process

After you contact me, I will send you a link to schedule a discovery call

We have a relaxed conversation about your business to see if we’re a fit

We will  discuss pricing at the end of the call and I will send you a proposal

You sign the proposal, make the deposit, and the work begins

We collaborate since the beggining to create the best design possible

Boom! You have an awesome design that fully represents you and your brand

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