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Helping conscious businesses multiply their impact through branding and design systems

Yeah, I know, I've heard it too!

“Meaning doesn’t pay the bills” “That’s really pretty but… you know that businesses exist to make money, right?”

Well, I believe you CAN win in business without selling your soul.

I’ll go even further: if you make your purpose and mission a core part of your communication, it will drive more profit than any marketing or sales technique.

In the long run, what truly matters is the place you occupy in people’s minds.

What truly matters is the connection you create with the people who believe in what your business stands for.

I’m here to help you create that connection!

What drives me?

The same as you! Using the power I have as a business owner to create a positive impact in the world.

I always thought I had to do something meaningless to make money, and then I could use that money to make an impact.

It is one way, but it isn’t the only way. I decided to earn a living BY multiplying the impact other businesses have.

What can I help you with?


It all starts with knowing what you want to communicate as a brand. In my brand essence sessions, we dig deep to find out who your brand actually is.


Consistency is key. Together with my partners, I can help you create not only a logo, but also brand-aligned assets for all your communication channels


I specialize in creating design systems: guidelines and templates that empower you to create brand-aligned assets yourself (at least until you have a budget to hire a full-time designer)

Sofia did a great job updating our brand. She is a great listener and a good communicator. Her process really helped us identify what we wanted our brand to say and how to visually position our company. I would recommend Sofia to any purpose-driven brand and will definitely work with her again in the future.

Darren Vanstone
Managing Director – Ocatra

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1 hour of ideas, no strings attached. If I can’t help you, I’ll let you know and try to find someone who can 🙂

Let’s make an impact together!

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