Building meaningful brand experiences

for ambitious purpose-driven entrepreneurs who want to grow their impact & freedom.


Sofia is very professional and absolutely fabulous on all levels. She approaches the vision with empathy and understands the clients perspective very well. It’s a joy to be accompanied by her and her talents in order for your brand to grow.

Thank you for all your work and support, you’re a gem.

Ahmad “Aki” Allahgholi
Founder & Director – Coralive

Your business is going well... maybe even great!

but you feel like you’re always trading time for money and can’t take a break without losing income.

You started it looking for freedom and meaning, but you feel like you’re constantly juggling tasks and don’t have enough time to enjoy life.

You feel stuck, unsure on how to expand your impact and income in a sustainable way, without working long hours and burning out.

Ring a bell?

When you hit a roadblock, it’s time to go back to the foundations.

Building a strategic and seamless brand experience can help you:

  • Automate parts of your business.
  • Attract more like-minded customers.
  • Spend less time on outreach and closing.
  • Transition your offer into digital products or cohorts.

I offer complete brand strategy and design services, fully customizable to what you need to expand your business impact and free up time for yourself.

Some of my most-loved projects

I'm not just a designer

I’m an entrepreneur by heart. I feel your ambition and share you’re desire for purpose and meaning beyond a paycheck.

I tried building many different businesses over the last 3 years, so I have broad knowledge of all it takes to build a brand online and understand your needs as a business owner.

I don’t only create stunning designs, I dive deep inside your business and create experiences that attract dream clients and take them through a seamless journey, so they’re pretty much sold when they jump on a call with you.


Sofia did a great job updating our brand. She is a great listener and a good communicator. Her process really helped us identify what we wanted our brand to say and how to visually position our company. I would recommend Sofia to any purpose-driven brand and will definitely work with her again in the future.

Darren Vanstone
Managing Director – Ocatra

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