Hey there! 👋

I’m Sofia, nice to meet you! More than a graphic designer, I am an entrepreneur. I always have many ideas I want to take action on, but only a few get to see the light. Priorities right?

My mission

is to help passionate entrepreneurs talk to their people visually, so they can impact them positively with their business


I will dive into your project like it’s my own. You deserve to work with a designer that is passionate about your business


I will not solve your problems, WE will! I will collaborate with you since the very beggining so we reach a result that you love


Your business is special and unique. I tailor my service to your specific needs. You only pay for what you truly need (but maybe you need more than you think!)

My story

I’ve always been curious about the world and wanted to try many different things. I chose a career in graphic design because I can’t live without creativity.

On my 3 years as a graphic designer I’ve worked with a variety of clients, doing a variety of different tasks within design and marketing. I was a jack-of-all-trades and I was never bored. But I was feeling empty…

During this time, I realized I don’t just live for creating, I live to solve problems with creativity! I realized I want to work with entrepreneurs that have great ideas and are as passionate as me about making an impact in people’s lives.

I became a freelancer to have the creative freedom needed to create really awesome things, but also to have the freedom to work from any part of the world, and on the hours I am more likely to be a creative badass.

Since then, I’ve traveled a little bit (it would be much more if it wasn’t for covid) and used most of my free time to work on side projects (ideas never end!). With covid slowing down, it’s possible I will be traveling while working with you on your project. At least I hope so, it’s good for creativity!

Do you think I can help you now?