Coralive is an NGO that helps communities manage coastal resources, mainly through restoring coral reefs, environmental monitoring and education programs.

They are growing a lot and embracing bigger and bigger projects, so they wanted to rebrand themselves so their identity would reflect that maturity, ambition, and appeal to the high-ticket resorts targeted for partnerships.


When we got in touch, another company was already working on their new website, so there was already a chosen color scheme and type. My focus at the start was to make sure Coralive had clarity on what their purpose, vision and differentiator were, and that the website design reflected that.


Keep oceans vibrant and alive for future generations.


Create a global collective effort to come up with a working solution that will secure the survival of corals for future generations.


“We are completely location independent. We can pack our bags and bring our knowledge, experience and equipment to anywhere in the world.”


All their coral nurseries are set in circles. The circle also symbolizes versatility, dynamism, the infinite space of the ocean and global reach.

The corals in the logo symbol start and end in the limits of the circle, like they are going around it, around the whole world.

The type used combines a serious and
professional look with soft edges, and gives the “serious, but friendly” look they were looking for.

Color palette

I took the new website color palette and created a color hierarchy, so it’s easier to know which color to use in which situation.

(Color palette by Rhamnous – Emanuil Chaushev)

Custom llustrations

I asked one of my partners created a set of 6 unique illustrations of ocean elements that are important for the health of the ecosystems: coral, mangrove, clownfish, manta, shark and turtle.

These would be used to make the brand identity truly unique and out of the box, like Coralive wanted to be perceived.

Illustrations by: Gui Cruz

Business cards



Annual Report


(in partnership with Cor Sem Fim)

and of course, brand guidelines...

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Sofia is very professional and absolutely fabulous on all levels. She approaches the vision with empathy and understands the clients perspective very well. It’s a joy to be accompanied by her and her talents in order for your brand to grow.

Thank you for all your work and support, you’re a gem.

Ahmad “Aki” Allahgholi
Founder & Director – Coralive