Gecko Realty

Brand design

Gecko Realty is a brokerage and real estate company in San Diego, USA, that offers full real estate services, including (but not limited to) listings, home valuation, negotiation and photography.

Robert is the face of the business. With 20 years of experience in the field, he helps first time buyers and sellers navigate and even enjoy the transaction process.

Brand essence

In every brand essence session, I dig deep to find out the client’s goals and what message they want to communicate.

Robert wanted to upgrade his brand image to be more professional and trustworthy, without being too serious or intimidating. He already had some brand recognition with his old logo, so he wanted to keep the gecko in there somehow.


His clients best interests are always put first. Robert is known for creating relationships with clients that go beyond the paycheck, showing great availability and responsiveness even after the escrow is closed.



Robert is known for his professionalism throughout the whole transaction process and his vast experience in the field


Robert has countless reviews that state how he really cares about his clients. He keeps in touch and offers to help them, even after the escrow is closed


Robert has knowledge in many related fields, like insurance, financing and inspection. He guides and explains everything thoroughly so that his clients can make the best possible decision.

Audience should feel



Cared for


Big idea: Friendly professionalism

The brand’s personality was translated into a visual stylescape, that would inspire the whole brand identity. The feeling of San Diego landscapes was also taken into account.

The gecko Robert wanted to keep in the logo was included in the lettering. This achieved a more professional look than a standard gecko image.

Color palette

Gecko greens

nature browns


Sofia is not just someone who has incredible artistic talent and thoughtful creativity. She listens and incorporates the thoughts and ideas I had to share.

My experience with Sofia was nothing less than perfect! After committing to work with her, she set up a time for us to video-chat and she was so thorough and detail oriented.

While my project was “just” for a logo design, the time, attention and creativity Sofia provided was nothing short of amazing. I know she will be a great asset to anyone fortunate enough to work with her.

Robert Boerner
Founder – Gecko Realty

Let’s make an impact together!