Gecko Realty

A friendly real estate agency that always puts its customers first


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Gecko Realty is a brokerage and real estate company in San Diego that offers full real estate services.

Robert is the face of the agency and he’s known for creating relationships with clients that go beyond the paycheck. His mission is to bring his clients to a better place than they were before they met him


Robert contacted me with the goal of making his brand’s visuals as professional as his service.

Even though he wanted to have a professional brand look, he didn’t want anything too “in your face”. He was looking for something clean and friendly, that would reflect his personality and approach as a business owner and real estate agent.

Brand alignment

As always, I started the process by aligning with Robert on the feeling of the brand.

Some important keywords we arrived on were: professional, secure, friendly and connection.

We ended up agreeing on the big idea of: friendly professionalism.

The brand should feel torwards the exclusive side, since San Diego is somewhat high-end on the housing market (although it’s not New York!). It should also feel friendly, of course, but also towards the mature and traditional side, due to the target audience and San Diego vibe.

I represented this friendly professionalism feeling + San Diego’s vibe in the stylescape below


Gecko Realty already had some brand recognition due to the gecko, so Robert wanted to maintain that in some way. However, too literal logos give a more accessible and youthful vibe, which is not what we were looking for.

The final solution embeds the gecko in the word, creating a more high-end, professional, but still friendly solution. It ended up pretty modern, but will be balanced out with more traditional layouts in the marketing collateral and website. A brand’s feeling is not conveyed solely by the logo 🙂

We are currently working together on the brand’s marketing collateral (coming soon)

Sofia is not just someone who has incredible artistic talent and thoughtful creativity. She listens and incorporates the thoughts and ideas I had to share. My experience with Sofia was nothing less than perfect!After committing to work with her, she set up a time for us to video-chat and she was so thorough and detail oriented.While my project was "just" for a logo design, the time, attention and creativity Sofia provided was nothing short of amazing. I know she will be a great asset to anyone fortunate enough to work with her.