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Golden Goose Ventures is an emerging startup that aims to consolidate startup pitching events from around the world, categorizing them according to the problem they are trying to solve.

Their mission is to solve improtant problems with collaborative innovation


This brand identity was created for an emerging startup with zero brand recognition. Emma’s (founder) main concern was to make sure people would be able to remember the brand’s name easily, after looking at any version of the logo.

The name “Golden Goose Ventures” refers to finding golden eggs (innovation) that are spread all over the world. It also hints at the purpose-driven side of the company. The goose is a reminder against greed and selfishness – inspired in the the “Goose that laid the golden egg” story.

She defined 2 target audiences: purpose-driven investors and early stage innovation at universities. However, the focus at this early stage would be on attracting university students participating in startup pitching events, as well as the staff that organizes them.

Her USP (unique selling point) is connecting early-stage innovation to purpose-driven investors that believe in solving the same problems.

Brand alignment

I started the brand design process by aligning these slides with Emma, as well as creating a stylescape that represented the feeling we wanted for the brand.

The big idea here was: purpose-driven profit; followed by keywords like: innovation, collaboration and empowerment.

initial concepts

Since the beginning I wanted the logo to hint at the brand’s name, to make it more memorable through a text-image association. 

A golden circle could represent a golden egg, so I experimented with that shape in various ways. The “g” letter is always pretty distinctive in any font, so I experimented with drawing a custom “g”, to give the brand personality.

We decided that, since the domain name is, it made sense to place the dot between the “g” and the “v”.

We really liked the simplicity of the first experience, but decided to mix it with one of the others, and maybe try to hint the goose somehow.


The final logo consists in a custom “g” that hints to a flying goose, which symbolizes helping early-stage innovation (the golden eggs) crack and turn into a goose that soars to the sky. This text-image association makes it that the “g” with the circle alone would be recognizable.

The next step was creating a brand identity that matched the logo. This was done by  creating some pitching slide templates and a Linkedin cover. It will be implemented in the website at a later time.

Lato family

Merryweather family

Sofia is very organized and has great communication skills. Designs were exactly what I wanted and she was receptive to feedback for adjustments. Highly recommend working with Sofia and hope to have a chance to work together on future projects.
Emma Hsu
Founder - Golden Goose Ventures

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