Golden Goose Ventures

Brand design


Golden Goose Ventures (ggv) is an emerging startup that consolidates startup pitching events from around the world, categorizing them by problem they want to solve.

Because of COVID, offline startup pitch/competition events are now moved online, so GGV can scrape the web and organize them easily for investors to attend.

The focus is on collaboration to solve problems that are important to the world, not only on making a profit.

Brand essence

In every brand essence session, I dig deep to find out the client’s goals and what message they want to communicate.

Emma (founder) already had a pretty good idea of how to position herself in the market. My part at this stage was translating all that into a strong brand personality.

GGV aims to connect early-stage innovation to purpose-driven investors that believe in solving the same problems


GGV believes in the potential of early stage inovation (the golden eggs).


GGV believes collaboration is the key to solving the world’s problems.


GGV wants to empower young entrepreneurs to grow their companies with the help of investors with the same ideals and beliefs.


GGV believes that investors can use their profit to fulfill their purpose.




Big idea: Purpose-driven profit

The brand’s personality was translated into a visual stylescape, that would inspire the whole brand identity.

The logo “g”s were created from a simplified goose, that is soaring to the skies, like the startups in GGV website. The domain name is, which allowed for a dot to be placed between the letters, symbolizing the golden eggs.

Color palette


Very organized and great communication skills. Designs were exactly what I wanted and was receptive to feedback for adjustments. Highly recommend working with Sofia and hope to have a chance to work together on future projects.

Emma Hsu
Founder – Golden Goose Ventures

Let’s make an impact together!