Brand refresh

Ocatra is a Canadian consulting company that helps businesses improve the animal welfare and sustainability of their supply chain and manufacturing process.

Their clients are mainly large scale food chain businesses. They were in need of a brand refresh so they could show up confidently at major networking events and close their dream clients.


Big idea: Regenerative industry


Their main doubt was how to create a brand identity that represented their values of sustainability and actually following through with promises, while still appealing to big companies that are more worried about how sustainability is going to help them grow.

To achieve this, we decided on a look n’ feel based on what sustainability and big corporations have in common: minimalism and inspiring imagery.

The whole brand identity was based on the big idea: Regenerative industry. Ocatra believes the only way to make a difference is to make industry capable of regenerating resources. We can’t reject innovation and evolution, we need to make it more efficient.

All pictures were used just for inspirational purposes and were originally created by Behance and Pinterest users.


The logo symbol was drawn based on a simplified flower, drawn with angular shapes. This added a feeling of security and stability to a natural element, making the brand look both sustainable and established.

It was put inside a circle to give it a hint of movement, and to symbolize the earth regenerating from the inside out.

Color palette

I kept it simple and clean, using a blue-green to communicate sustainability, and shades of grey to give a more established and corporate look.

This creates a good mix between nature and industry.

Cadet Blue

Jet Grey


I created all the branded material they would need to send proposals, make presentations and network, with the same minimalistic and corporate style.


Sofia did a great job updating our brand. She is a great listener and a good communicator. Her process really helped us identify what we wanted our brand to say and how to visually position our company. I would recommend Sofia to any purpose-driven brand and will definitely work with her again in the future.

Darren Vanstone
Managing Director – Ocatra