Brand design

Ocatra is a consulting company that helps businesses have more sustainable animal practices, including policies, planning, implementation and evaluation of those measures.

Their clients are mainly large scale food chain businesses, but they work with any business that uses animals or animal products in their manufacturing process.

Brand essence

In every brand essence session, I dig deep to find out the client’s goals and what message they want to communicate.

Darren had 2 main goals: having a professional and clean image that sets them apart from amateurs, and having consistency throughout all communication, including from people representing the company in different countries

Experience with the global supply chain, farming and global issues on those fields

Not only tells businesses what to do, but actually helps them implement all the phases of the process, making sure they really are aligned with the policies they claim to have


Ocatra believes in collaboration at a global scale


Ocatra wants to have a true impact in the global supply chain sustainability, encouraging businesses to act instead of only talking.


Ocatra believes that innovation, technology, industry and science are the path to sustainability.




Empowered about changing

Big idea: Regenerative industry

The brand’s personality was translated into a visual stylescape, that would inspire the whole brand identity

The logo symbolizes the earth regenerating from the inside out.

It was created based on a simplified and “squared” flower, adding security, professionalism and industrial look to a natural element.

Color palette

Natural blue-greens

Industrial greys


Sofia did a great job updating our brand. She is a great listener and a good communicator. Her process really helped us identify what we wanted our brand to say and how to visually position our company. I would recommend Sofia to any purpose-driven brand and will definitely work with her again in the future.

Darren Vanstone
Managing Director – Ocatra

Let’s make an impact together!