Verde Menta

A modern and elegant identity for an interior design studio


• Visual identity
• Collateral
• Social media assets
• Animated promotional video


Verde Menta is an interior design studio that was just starting out when I developed this brand identity. Their spaces have a characteristic style, inspired in scandinavian design, but with a modern twist.


“Verde Menta” means “mint green”, which is the favorite color of the interior designer that got in contact with me. It’s a color she uses a lot in her designs and represents the feeling she wanted the studio to have: elegant and minimalist, but also modern and lighthearted

When she contacted me, she didn’t have anything design related. She wanted to create an online presence and also have the materials to be able to decorate the studio she would be opening soon. 


I started by building a style board, mixing the spaces created by the studio, scandinavian style and also some other images that represent the feeling of the future brand.

I summarized this in 4 keywords:

• Modern
• Minimalist
• Elegant
• Comfort


The chosen solution was an abstract logo that represents all the keywords defined in the beggining, with a unique font that was created specifically for this logo.

I also created an iconset that represents the services offered, that was used in the promotional video and could be used in future assets, like a website.

Sofia understood perfectly what I wanted to communicate to my public with my brand. She promptly accepted the challenge and lived up to my expectations. I recommend her work!
Daniela Marques
Founder - Verde Menta Interiores

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