Growth Scalers

Brand identity and website for a results-focused, data-driven e-commerce agency


• Visual identity
• Social media assets
• Website
• Animated end-screen for youtube


Growth scalers is an e-commerce agency that helps small businesses thrive on Amazon and Walmart. They pride themselves on creating a process that brings guaranteed results on repeat, by using technology in their favor.


John and Jeremie approached me with a problem: they wanted their website to look more professional and appealing to potential clients, so they would get more leads.

As I analysed their website, I noticed there was not a coherent brand identity. We defined that as the priority. After that, I redesigned the website to match the new identity.


After some research and conversation with John and Jeremie, I created a style board based on 4 keywords:

• Growth
• Data-driven
• On repeat
• Systems


After many ideas, we arrived at this solution. A techy logo that represents growth in a loop and feels professional and innovative.

The priority in the website was to align everything with the brand identity created, guide the user through the content with design and also make the call-to-actions pop.

The images were chosen taking into account the target audience and the overall techy feeling of the brand.

Later, I created a logo animation for the end-screen of their Youtube channel, where they share tips on how to improve e-commerce businesses

We enjoy working with Sofia. She brings new ideas and builds upon our feedback. We worked on several projects with her, including logo, branding and website and we were always more than satisfied with the outcome.

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